Course Dates and Fees

Full-time course - January, 22th 2018 - February, 16th 2018.

Deadline for applications: 26th of November, 2017.

The price for the course - 590,000KZT

Получите международный сертификат CELTA для преподавания английского языка взрослым!

Подробности по телефонам:

+7 727 272 27 44, +7 727 272 25 22

CELTA f.a.q.

What is the difference between CELTA, TESOL and TEFL?

Why is CELTA so well recognized?

Do I really need to do a TEFL course in order to gain employment?

How long is the course?

What does the course cover?

How is the teaching practice organized?

Can only native speakers of English take the CELTA?

How to register?

What does the interview consist of?

What is the pre-course task? How much time and preparation is involved?

How many hours outside of class do I need to spend on homework?

Does everyone pass the CELTA course?

Do I need to teach on the course?

How can I teach without using the learners' native language?

How am I assessed?

How can I be sure about the quality of the course?

Can I apply for a teaching position with Interpress IH after finishing a CELTA course?


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